Saturday, December 1, 2012

About financial obligation

The financial difficulties are the problem which may arise with anyone at any moment. These difficulties are even with the governments and that's why the government uses to know the door of World Bank, which is there for the support.

Just because of some or other financial difficulties the loan is grabbed by the World Bank. This is national problem and if the problem arises with the particular state then the chief organization that is responsible for the running of banks which are aid conferring institutions helps that particular state. The allocation of fund is sometime not done in proper manner and thus the problem of finance arises. Financial difficulty has same face the difference is of place and quantity and the helping body which makes to come out with the problem.

The ways of dealing the financial issue

The financial issues all deals with the dearth of money or proper allocation of funds for the particular purpose. This can be centre government problem and this can be state level problem. If council organizers or a group that organizes something and things have to be managed then it is necessary to form a treasury body that looks after the financial issues of that particular body or the organization. This treasury body is the concerning body which looks the concerning affairs relating money and all the monetary issues. The monetary fund looks after the allocation of funds which are allocated for different purposes. The step by step and proper analysis is made by the treasury body and then the funds are being allocated and complete record is maintained. All the entire year investment and taxes if the company or the organization is earning profit and income tax is paid to the government are look after the treasury body. The finance and accounts officer duty is purposely for this purpose.

The policy of pay as you earn

It is good if the tax is not evaded and it is suggested by the government that pay as you earn it is to say the tax charge is imposed according to the income of the individual. A rickshaw puller won't be asked or compel to pay the income tax as there are few sections in the society which are being exempted from the circumference of tax paying. No income tax is imposed on them.

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