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The Best Betfair Horse Laying System

I'm sure you've heard about people making their living on the Internet, but how do they do it? There are so many ways to make money on the Internet: eBay, freelancing, multi-level marketing, online casinos, etc. and I'm sure you will have seen lot's of people telling you about the systems they use that have made them very rich very quickly. But how can you separate the wheat from the chaff' as it were? Is there really a fool proof way of making a regular income and if there is, what is it?

You have no doubt heard of Betfair and there are thousands upon thousands of systems promising you a great income by using theirs, however is backing winners or laying losers really as easy as these people make out?

In this article, I'll discuss a horse laying system that I created and how I did it, so potentially you could create your own or use mine...

Hello, my name is Stuart Anderson and I am an avid fan of statistics and how statistics can be used to give you an edge when gambling on the horses. You'll already know that people have been using statistics to win at gambling since gambling was invented. You'll also probably think that people who make a living from gambling are few and far between but these people do exist and there are more than you'd realise. These people are called professional gamblers and the people who aren't making a living are called punters.

So what's the difference between a professional gambler and a punter? It isn't luck as you might think, it's actually knowing that when you put your money down on a bet the chances of you winning far outweigh the chances of you losing therefore giving you the opportunity of making more money than you can loose. So how can you achieve this in horseracing? Simple: instead of finding a winner, we try to find a loser. There can only be one winner of a horse race (apart from in the very rare example of a dead heat which, according to Wikipedia, has only happened 7 times in the last twenty years) so finding a losing horse is statistically a lot easier than finding a winner

So that leads us to our first conclusion, a horse laying system rather than a backing system is the obvious choice for creating a revenue stream from gambling.

The next step is finding a horse that has a higher chance of losing a race than the odds that are being offered for it to win so we can keep our risk level at the minimum in case we are unlucky enough to find a winner. So our second conclusion is to only lay horses with low odds.

The horse with the lowest odds in a race is called the favourite, now you may be nervous about laying a favourite because as the name suggests it appears that this is the horse that has the most chance of winning the race, but this simply isn't the case. A favourite is simply the horse that has the most amount of money bet on it by, you guessed it, the punters. We already found out that punters are the people who lose money more often than they win. We don't want to be a punter!

It is a statistical fact that favourites in horse races loose more often than they win, if that wasn't the case anyone could make a fortune by just backing the favourite in every race. Indeed, backing every favourite would be a sure way of losing lots of money and this is why not even the stupidest of punter would ever try this system and if they did they wouldn't try it for long as soon all of their money would be gone.

Now obviously, favourites do win some races so now we need to add some further criteria into our system, and that leads us to our final conclusion: only lay the favourites in the types of races where statistically the favourite loses over 97% of the time.

These conclusions led to me developing a system with a good friend of mine: John Campbell who is also well versed in statistical gambling and financial trading.

Together we developed our system horse laying system:

The real key to the success of the system is that it uses all of the conclusions that we arrived at earlier in this article. By having some very strict bet entry criteria, out of up to fifteen potentially qualifying races in a day we may only get one or two actual opportunities, out of these opportunities we only take the first one that qualifies and this is where we achieve over a 97% strike rate. With this strike rate you can start making a living by following this system. Starting off with only a few hundred dollars you can quickly build up your Betfair account and start making as much money as you want.

You can try out the system to by visiting and signing up to the daily e-mail service that costs less than one Euro a day. The e-mail has full instructions of how to use the system and all the qualifying races for that day. We are so confident that the system will make you money that we offer a 7 day money back guarantee. You really have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Just remember, the key to success is following the rules and walking away for the rest of the day as soon as your target has been reached. You'll be surprised how quickly your Betfair balance grows from just hundreds of dollars to thousands.

I hope you'll give it a try and find the same financial freedom the system has brought me, if not thank you for reading my article and I hope you found it informative and useful. Whatever you decide, good luck in everything you do.

Stuart Anderson

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