Friday, August 17, 2012

How Do Command Hooks Help Picture Hanging?

Command hooks are one of those really useful items which you cannot work out how you managed without, once you have them. These hooks are essentially household hooks which have an adhesive backing. The adhesive is specially designed to ensure that it is strong enough to stick, but will not cause any damage to paintwork once it is removed. Command hooks are available in many different sizes, each with a different purpose. Some are designed to hang particular items, including pictures, while others have a more general use. As well as pictures, they could be used to hang up clothing, bags, or even computer accessories.

Attaching hooks to a wall can often cause damage. For many people, means that hanging pictures up in their home is difficult or impossible. Those in rented accommodation are often not allowed to hang pictures due to the risk of hooks damaging the wall. In addition, some walls may be too weak or thin to take regular picture hooks. This is where command hooks can be really useful in picture hanging. After all, pictures (whether photos or artwork) are an essential part of home decoration for most of us. They allow us to personalise a room and can be reminders of happy events in the past.

When using command hooks to hang a picture, it does pay to be cautious. It's vital to check to see whether the command hook you want to use has a high enough weight rating for the picture that you want to hang. If you are not sure how much your picture weights, then always go one rating higher than you think you need. Overloading a command hook could mean that it will fail to stick effectively over time, potentially resulting in a broken picture on the floor. Very heavy pictures may not be suitable for use with this type of hook, but the vast majority are.

Command hooks are great for use by people who are not comfortable using a hammer or other tools for some reason. For example, elderly people may lack the dexterity needed to hammer traditional picture hooks. Similarly, disabled people may have problems. However, with command hooks even children can put a picture up on their wall safely and easily although they should probably be supervised to ensure they put it on straight!

Not all command hooks are suitable for use with pictures. Whether they are or not depends partly on the weight rating, but also on the shape. Smaller, flatter hooks are generally best for using with pictures. As an alternative to hooks, command strips can also be used to hang pictures. These are adhesive strips which are placed directly on to the picture, and then on to the wall. These can be a great way of putting pictures on a wall so that they fit flush with the surface, rather than leaning slightly forward as they tend to on a hook.

When it comes time for command hooks to be moved, they should slide off the wall with ease. They simply need to be grabbed firmly and pulled away. They do not need to be thrown away at this point. Replacement adhesive strips are available, and often come in the original pack with the hooks. That means that you can take your hooks with you if you move, of you just want to rearrange your pictures.

Command hooks are a great way for anyone to hang pictures easily. They are quick, safe and easy to use without any risk of damage.

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