Friday, July 20, 2012

Poultry Farming in India: The Thriving New Industry

Poultry farming in India is now a thriving industry. Three or four decades ago, it was considered to be a backyard venture. Today this is a structured industry. The industry plays a pivotal role in preventing the malnutrition of the huge population of India who are poor. Planners and researchers are working with great zeal to find out how poultry farming can be used as a solution to poverty and unemployment. It is also a great career option for those who want to see themselves as individual businessmen. There are many successful companies which have given the industry more impetus. Now, everyone can dream big after starting their own poultry farm.

Poultry Farming in India: A Shift from Backyard Activity to Industry

Earlier, poultry farmers used to rear non-descript birds. But now, they are interested in rearing hybrid chickens. Great private funding is another reason of the growth of the poultry farming in India.

How to Start Poultry Farming in India?
The first thing that should be kept in mind is the investment. Huge amount of money is not needed for starting poultry farm but some basic financial support is needed. The land can be another area of concern. One has to breed a large amount of chickens to start his/her own farm. Those who have great aspiration of starting a farm can apply for bank loans which are easily available. One can procure loan by showing the following:

? Start-up costs.
? Expenses for constructing the farm.
? Food expenses for the animals.

There are many loan providers. Loan can be obtained by anyone quite easily as loans are offered online now days. There are many local banks which can give loans. The terms and conditions for these loans can also be modified according to the loan obtainer's needs. Some loan providers will provide expert suggestions.

Regular check-ups of the chickens from veterinarians are a must. The chickens have to be treated li and they should be provided with equal amount of care and protection.

Poultry farming in India: New Career Option
People, who are in vogue to build up their own career as a businessman, can think of starting a poultry farm. Poultry farming in India is growing every day and there are scopes of becoming a really successful poultry farmer. The scope of working as a professional is also provided by the companies. Some of the basic works that is needed to be done in a poultry farm are:

? Farm management.
? Preventing the chickens from disease.
? Breeding the chickens.
? Administrative works.
? Marketing related works.
? Managing the finance.

Any specific degree or qualification is not mandatory to work as a professional in this industry. But if anyone has a degree in Animal Science or Zoology, it would be of great help. There are courses offered on poultry farming now days. These courses on poultry farming can be of great value if anyone is interested to choose a career in this field.

As stated earlier, poultry farming in India is a growing industry. One can obtain a variety of jobs in this field. Hatcheries, veterinary hospitals, food millers and feed production companies generally offer jobs. Another important thing about this industry is the fact that the industry gives its workers an opportunity to gain experience as a professional. This experience can be helpful in starting one's own industry. Many people have taken up poultry farming in India and they have been able to cut out a niche for themselves.

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