Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Judgment Broker Guide

If you want your judgment bought or collected without spending any money, you must find either a judgment buyer or a contingency recovery solution. There are 2 ways to find these solutions, either by a referral expert or advertising.

Judgment brokers refer judgment owners to judgment solutions. Should you use one, or is it smarter to do a web search? My articles are my opinions and are not, legal advice. I am not an attorney. When you ever want a strategy to use or legal advice, you should contact a lawyer.

On the internet, every judgment purchasing and collection company claims they're right for your judgment. Broker know the history of many judgment purchasers and collection solutions. Brokers know what works, and which experts can get creditors paid. When your debtor is poor, nobody will buy, or likely find success collecting the judgment. When your debtor has many available assets, judgment brokers will find you a better deal than one could find using a www search. When you pick a broker, be sure to choose one who:

1) Does not have any paperwork for you to sign, except if they refer you to an attorney, one who will be a contingency judgment recovery lawyer right for the debtor. When a judgment broker isn't referring you to an attorney, they should just refer you, with no paperwork required.

Lawyers can't pay referral fees to non-attorneys. When a broker is not a lawyers, they need to arrange a deal with the contingency lawyers they refer judgment owners to; to discount their contingency fees. The creditor and debtor screening the broker performs, makes many lawyers willing to reduce their contingency rates a bit. If referring you to a lawyer, a broker requests that you to pay them whatever they saved you, only if you get paid. That's fair, and doesn't cost you anything.

2) Doesn't own your judgment. Beware of assigning your judgment to any person or entity that doesn't explain precisely why that is required. A broker hasn't any reason to own any portion of your judgment or debt.

3) Refers you to solutions based on their first-hand knowledge of the right professionals to purchase or collect each specific judgment. The best brokers are objective, and know thousands of judgment purchasers and collection experts, and tracks their performance in a database.

A good broker knows who will get the job done, and who is a flake. Be careful about brokers that refer you to their friends or the broker's employees. Some entities say they are objective, however they refer creditors only to insiders.

The best judgment brokers aren't intermediaries, and are free for judgment creditors. They get paid by judgment buyers and recovery professionals. Judgment brokers cost judgment creditors, and offer a more direct and faster way to get the best judgment solution. Without a judgment broker, it takes much longer to find the right solution - and probably not as good of a solution. Judgment judgment owners will get the same amount of cash for a judgment, regardless of whether they began using a broker or not.

Brokers are judgment referral experts. You do not need a broker, however they save you hassle and time, with reality-based solutions, based on knowledge and expertise, instead of luck.

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