Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gaming Tax Recovery For Canadians - Are You Entitled To Casino Winnings Tax Refund?

Suppose you come to the US from Canada to do some gambling in Las Vegas and win big at the casino? If so, then the first thing that will happen is that the casino will withhold 30 percent of your winnings for US gambling taxes, even if you are not a US citizen and a citizen of Canada What many people do not realize is that they can get a gaming tax recovery for Canadians they are not citizens of the United States and can prove their residency in Canada. A firm can help you collect your casino winnings tax refund which can really add up to a great deal of extra money for you, depending on what you won.

When you win at a casino, the casino will take the money for taxes right from the winnings. They do not have the resources or the time to decide who has to pay this tax and who does not. They will give you a win slip that will indicate how much money you won and how much was paid in gambling taxes. If you are a citizen of Canada, for example, you do not have to pay this casino winnings tax. You can get a gaming tax recovery for Canadians, although you may not be aware of this fact. You may not understand that by completing some forms and applying for a gaming tax recovery for Canadians, you can get some or all of your casino winnings tax back as you are not obligated to pay tax in the US.

If you are a resident of Canada and have won money at the casinos, chances are that you will just take your winnings less the tax and be happy about it. You will not know the first step in getting a gaming tax recovery for Canadians or that you can even get back your casino winnings tax. If you use an online firm that specializes in getting non US residents a gambling tax refund on their winnings, however, you can be in for a nice surprise. If you meet the criteria and can prove that you are not a resident of the US, were not a resident of Canada at the time of your winnings and were a legal resident of Canada at the time, then you may qualify for gaming tax recovery for Canadians and receive back some of your casino winnings tax. You can collect your gaming tax recovery for Canadians by applying for a refund of the casino winnings tax through the proper channels.

While you may be entitled to a gaming tax recovery for Canadians, you may not have the first idea of how to obtain refund on casino winnings tax or how to deal with the US government. Most people who have lived in the United States all of their lives have no idea how to deal with the US government, so this makes it even more difficult for those who live outside of the country. Using a firm is the best way to make sure that you receive the refund that you deserve. A firm may take a fee for this service, but it is well worth it as the casino winnings tax refund is extra money that you may not even realize you are entitled to receive from your winnings.

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