Saturday, June 30, 2012

Assignment help - Finance or Mathematics...??

Mathematics or finance?? Mathematics or Finance?? Mathematics or Finance??

Hmm.. I am good in mathematics but not best and after a level I won't be able to do same. So many theorems, assumptions, calculations, formulas OMG!! Leave it. I will better go for finance. Also there is wider scope too.

But you don't know once you are genius in mathematics these fields will be cake walk for you. Finance, Accounting, Computation, Operational Research and etc There are so many subjects which originate from mathematics only.

Infect in all the exams for MBA they first check your mathematics skill. You should have good skill in mathematics for understanding all these subjects. For Finance you should know mathematics, but for being a good mathematician no need of any finance knowledge.

There are so many parts of mathematics and lots of study is going on them i.e. Finance, Operational Research. Now they are separate field because of running research and use of them in business. They are taken as a separate field.

Forecasting, Probability all are part of mathematics and these subject are core of finance.

No where you will just get a finance course, there are so many courses parallel with it. For perfect managerial skill you have to learn some other subjects too. But only Mathematics is so much that you can't complete whole course ever. You have to choose one of them then better go for Mathematics rather getting ones crossed wire situation in management's other courses. If you want MBA in finance then finance might be a good option for you. But you have to study more subjects with it.

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