Saturday, May 5, 2012

Factors Determining Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

Bankruptcy attorney fees are charges that legal professionals charge their clients for services offered. This is financial reward to bankruptcy attorneys for their legal assistance. Depending on the nature of the legal assistance offered this bankruptcy attorney fees normally vary from one bankruptcy process to another and the type of the client that is seeking the service.

Bankruptcy attorney fees paid by parties seeking services of bankruptcy attorney depend on a number of factors. Many bankruptcy attorneys operate as professionals from various law firms. This therefore means that the bankruptcy attorney fees charged by attorneys will depend on the law firm or bar association that they come from. Well established and known bar association or law firm may charge higher bankruptcy attorney fees compared to newly established law firms and bar associations.

Type of bankruptcy process is another factor that determines the lawyer fees. Process with demanding legal proceedings may be charged higher fees compared to a process that requires less legal proceedings. It is important also to note that bankruptcy attorney fees may be influenced by the type of creditor involved in the bankruptcy process. Generally, fees will be lower when it comes to bankruptcy process involving individuals and higher in process that corporate clients are involved.

Another factor that determines the bankruptcy attorney fees charged on parties seeking bankruptcy attorney services is the legal requirements. Many government and other authorities require law firms and bar association to pay tax from their operation. Depending on the tax rate therefore the fees charged will be influenced by the legal requirement to pay tax. The type of fees also will determine the amount of such fees paid. Some bankruptcy fees may be fixed or contingent.

In addition, attorney fees will be dictated by the duration of the bankruptcy process or the span of time that a bankruptcy case is heard and resolved. Processes and cases that have taken long period of time before they are concluded are normally charged a higher bankruptcy attorney fees compared to cases that have taken a shorter time to be concluded. Consequently, the time limitations imposed by client or by circumstances will determine the amount fees charged.

Another important factor that determines the amount is the type of the bankruptcy attorney handling the bankruptcy process. Experienced bankruptcy attorneys in law matters are likely to charge a higher amount compared to less experienced attorneys. It is also a fact that bankruptcy attorneys who have handled well known bankruptcy processes and cases may charge a higher amount due to high preference by various clients. The nature and length of bankruptcy attorney and client relationship determines the amount to be paid by such clients. Well known clients may be granted some discounts by their attorneys which mean such fees will be less compared to a newly known client.

Number and availability of bankruptcy attorneys is another factor that determines the amount being charged. When bankruptcy attorneys are less and their demand is high, the amount charged to their clients will be higher compared to when we have many attorneys available and their demand is less.

It is important fact that the operating environment of bankruptcy attorney determines the amount that will be paid by parties seeking the services of these professionals. Attorneys are likely to charge the fees that are charged by other similar law practitioners in the locality. The presence of competitors in the environment will influence the attorney fees charged. A more competitive environment may make the fees charged to be lower compared to a less competitive environment.

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