Saturday, April 21, 2012

Loan against property- an assured way of arranging finances

A lot of things might cross your mind when you think about starting a new business, sending your child overseas for further education or may be while planning a wedding. Arranging for finance' is surely the first factor to think about. A lot of investment is required if you wish to begin a business, arrange a wedding or allow your child to study abroad. The Home Loan companies and banks are already well known for their support they offer to the home buyers. As personal loan has turned out to be a very common way of arranging money, Loan Against Property is proving to be a better alternative. There are so many factors to cheer about with a loan against property.

Features that matter

Today people have become aware of making the most of their property when they have to arrange finances for fulfilling some other dreams or to suit the situation.

A loan against property can be taken for any purpose like for arranging a wedding, to meet marriage or wedding expenses or even to meet abroad education dreams of children.

Residential property or a non-residential property which is fully constructed can be used to avail required finances.

With fixed and flexible rate options, the applicant has a flexibility to choose a suitable policy.

Loan against property can also be taken if you wish to arrange finances for expanding your personal business.

Generally 40% to 60% of the market value of the property can be received as a loan against property.

Features like repayment on the basis of EMI and a period of 15 years, make this kind of loan a popular choice.

It is definitely a secured way of availing a loan by utilizing the property as a security.

Applying for such a Home Mortgage Loan is simple, hassle-free and relatively non-bulky as there is no need to follow too much documentation.

There is no chance of the policy being rejected or disapproved as the property is kept as a security.

Loan against property is tagged as one of the economical retail loans just after the home loans. With lower interest rates, the LAP connected monthly installments are relatively cheaper. It is a popular secured loan in which the property value and individual's income determines the eligibility of maximum loan. Today when people are willing to raise money for fulfilling their further dreams, the option of loan against property from the banks and loan companies is doing the trick for them. Furthermore with advancements and growth of online marketplace, applying for such an option is very simple these days. Not just for funding future education of your child or arranging for a wedding, the loan against property is now used by individuals even for funding any bigger medical treatments. Simply put, it is surely a multi-purpose funding option with lots of merits!

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